Why choose Mobiglotech?

We are a team of blockchain enthusiasts focused on security and rapid deployment of blockchain solutions.

Our team of top experts has worked on numerous blockchain development projects and are focusing on ways to increase access to digital assets with minimal friction.

Shashi Meghawarna -CEO / Founder Mobiglotech.

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Frequently asked questions

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  • 01.I have an idea can you help me build it?

    Yes, whether you are an individual or organization
    we can help bring your dream projects to reality.

  • 02.What is the best blockchain platform?

    This varies depending on your use case. Our team will assess your project thoroughly and suggest the ideal platform, and if it does not exist, we will build one for you.

  • 03.Which countries do you operate in?

    We believe in a free and open market, no matter where you are located at, Mobiglotech can provide services to you.

  • 04. What is your usual process?

    We first ask the client to brief us with what needs to be done. Our team reviews the client's requirement, and a quote is sent to the client within 72 hours.

  • 05.What methods of payment do you accept?

    We accept all leading Cryptocurrencies as well as Fiat currency with a variety of payment methods.

  • 06.Our Services

    We provide a vast variety of blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions from payment gateway integration to custom-tailored blockchain solutions.

Our Project

Project EXIP

Decentralized Domain name and TLD service Backed by NFT’s.

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Niftron Platform

Niftron is a Blockchain as a Service platform which allows anyone to integrate blockchain with their products or projects easily and efficiently to improve trust by providing transparency, security and ownership.

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Decentralized Social Network

Decentralized Social Network Transparency and Immutability of your Actions.

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